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Dados do Livro
Blind Justice
14.85 €
11.88 €



Inspector William Monk searches for proof of his friend's innocence in a controversial and dangerous case, in the nineteenth novel in Anne Perry's acclaimed series.

Anne Perry's Inspector William Monk: in search of justice, he will not stop until he has found the truth...

Oliver Rathbone, William Monk's close friend, has presided brilliantly over his first cases as a judge. But the next will bring a far greater challenge. Abel Taft, a charismatic minister adored by his congregation, stands accused of terrible corruption and fraud which has ruined the lives of those he's betrayed.

In court, each victim affirms Taft's guilt, but when the defence's star witness tears their stories apart, the case seems lost. Rathbone realises he holds, locked away, a piece of evidence that could change the outcome of the trial and bring true justice, but can he, as the judge, become involved The decision Rathbone makes will draw Monk deep into a dangerous case that will shape the rest of both their lives...

Crime De Paragon Walk
13.90 €
11.12 €
A Christmas Homecooming
10.75 €
8.60 €

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